Zhejiang Leiya Electronics Co., Ltd. 

Application of electronic product has been an indispensable part in our lives. And electricity is essential for many occasions, such as live entertainment on Road Trip, power tools used in Outdoor Work, Household or Office appliances, lightning during Camping / Hunting / Expedition, Emergency Rescue and electronic device equipped for Multi-Purpose Vehicles.  However what if there is no electricity? Don't worry, the products developed and produced by ERAYAK will provide sufficient power for emergency usage. Our products include Power Inverter, Battery Charger, Generator, Portable Power Station etc.

In order to meet various kinds of application, all these products can be mounted in Vessel, Recreational Vehicle, Multi-Purpose Vehicle, Truck, Car and other places which in need.

Application Solution
Cars have shortened the distance for both time and space. In modern society, as an important media of transportation, the car has gone deep into all respects of society, enabling people to travel, work, and travel more conveniently, quickly and comfortably. 
Automotive  & Battery Maintenance
During emergency medical rescue or disaster rescue, rescuers always need the support of electricity for emergency lighting, power supply of medical equipment, and power supply of emergency equipment and equipment.
Emergency Rescue
Those special purpose vehicles such as Repair vehicles, heavy trucks, command vehicles, environmental protection monitoring vehicles, advertising vehicles, scientific research vehicles and other special-purpose vehicles all require a stable electrical system; 
Truck & Speciality Vehicles
During the season of tourists, let us take a short break from busy and stressful work, invite about three or five friends or family, drive a car to travel and experience a new way of life. Outside there are beautiful natural scenes, inside of the car is a warm home. 
RV & Travel
In most outdoor activities, for instance, garden pruning, project measurement, construction of wooden houses, barrier removing and engineering construction etc., those power tools and digital appliances are needed.
DIY & Working Outdoors
Since its establishment, ERAYAK has been specializing in managing Auxiliary Power or Emergency Power Industry for more than 18 years. A number of outstanding engineers are serving in our R & D department (they’re Electronics Engineer, Software Engineers, Structural Engineers who with 5-20 years working experiences......
Personality Customization